Wellness Yoga Retreat

Course Duration: 7 Days / Residential

This retreat offers a structure within which to completely let go. Let go of all expectations. Let go of all effort. Let go of all our roles and occupations. When we let go, we will get a glimpse of our true nature with acceptance and taste the freedom within.

With busy schedules comes the need to create a balance in life. There are many ways to find easy and quick-fix solutions to manage stress, pain, and other disorders. But yoga provides a holistic balance for sustaining good physical health and emotional wellbeing for life. Traditional yoga is more than just stretching or physical postures. It is a unique workout for the mind and body. The benefits of Yoga come from combining a specific set of yoga asanas (postures), with pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation practice.

This retreat can help you in innumerable ways, as it empowers your body, mind, and soul to grow spiritually.