Detox Retreat

Course Duration: 10 Days / Residential

A detox retreat is one of the ways to remedy many of your everyday health concerns.

The body has a remarkable ability to rid itself of toxins, however, in today’s world, this is becoming more and more compromised, resulting in both physical and mental health problems. A detox retreat can be a great motivation for change, and you will have the best experts on hand to monitor and guide you and to impart their wisdom. They offer a gentle route to detox or deep body cleansing – they will allow you to pause, reset, and breathe deep, learning new habits that will help you both physically and mentally. Whichever one you choose you will feel lighter, brighter, and energized. 



A detox retreat can help give your body a fresh start, renew energy levels, aid weight loss, and ultimately helps prevent disease by giving your digestion system a break and enabling your body to concentrate its efforts on healing. Every day we are exposed to toxins – both external and internal –and many natural health professionals believe that if left unchecked these toxins undermine and weaken the organs of the body contributing to everything from arthritis to irritable bowel syndrome. So, although weight loss is often an inevitable sidekick of detox, even the thinnest of bodies will really benefit from a thorough cleanse. It can be a great way to reset your body and give your immune system a much-needed boost. As mentioned earlier, when your body is spending less time and energy on processing foods that can be difficult to break down and offer the body few health benefits, that energy can be invested into other things, one of those things being the immune system. 

Detox Juices